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5 Beach Fun Activities You Cannot Miss In Goa

  • Madvik Retreat
  • December 15, 2022

Although it is the smallest state in India, Goa is all about beaches and is widely famous for its beautiful coastline and old heritage but also for offering a variety of fun and recreational activities. The other name of Goa is “Queen of the Beaches”, located on the western coast of India.  It has a population of 1.8 million.  Goa offers lots of fun on the sand, and if you are the one who loves water sports, then this place is a mecca for you. Whether you prefer an adventurous beach activity or a laidback musical night, Goa is the place that will never disappoint you.

Besides adventure, Goa offers a stunning view of its coastline spanning over 100 km, a deep blue sky, and a rich cultural heritage that will give you a wonderful and memorable holiday. But if you are an adventure lover, visiting Goa is a must for you in many ways. This article will discuss some of the best beach activities that will help you explore the water and the beach in a brand-new way. So, if you are planning to visit Goa and want to know about some beach activities, then read on to know more.

Five Beach Activities That You Should Opt For

Goa offers many fun-filling opportunities for adventure lovers to explore the water differently. Goa is not only famous among Indians but also foreigners. So once you are in Goa, try these beach activities below. 


Life without adventure is dull. Parasailing is one of the most famous and interesting water sports in Goa. This famous water sport gives you an amazing ocean view from above while flying high in the sky. A parasail harness fastened to a speedboat through a 30-40 m long rope is used to make you fly. As the speedboat moves, you will be pulled up in the air.

Where To Try?

Candolim Beach is the paradise of water sports, especially parasailing, and this is where you should head if you want to try out some fun with water. It is an excellent way to catch a bird’s eye view of Goa beach within Rs. 1500. You can also enjoy it in Calangute, Colva and Vagator Beach

Dancing & Party Hard

The Beach party is fascinating as you will be welcomed by loud melodious music before you even reach the exact spot. You get to hear the thrill and feel the vibe from afar! If you are in the mood for a loud evening with a nice beach party and with some dance and food arrangements, then head towards Calangute Beach. 

Besides music, the water has its charm as the waves here are big and loud, and if you want to have some casual dance, you have options. Besides, you can live like a local by playing beach volleyball with local lads and tourists, so get ready to feel the energy.

Scuba Diving

If you want some underwater adventure, then go scuba diving. It is another famous water sport in Goa. The sports allow you to explore undersea adventure and get to know the exciting wonder beneath the sea surface. It is for 45 minutes, and a trained expert will always be there to guide you.

Where to Try

The Grande Island is the best place to offer scuba diving experience in the depth of the Arabian Sea, and this place gives you one of the best scuba diving experiences.


Another recreational activity that you must try in Goa is windsurfing. It gives you one of the most thrilling experiences that you are craving. If you want to experience extreme adventure and thrill, it is better to surf in the evening or at noon when the breeze is usually strong, and you will feel more fun.

Where to try?

The only place is Dona Paula beach to try it out.

Sing Along 

Music is an inevitable part of Goa, so even if you are a bathroom singer, Goa is the ideal place to sing with the crowd without being laughed at. Goa offers many beach shacks with kicking crowds, live music and karaoke nights.

Where To Try?

Baga Beach

The Conclusion

Since you are planning to visit Goa, you must take advantage of the places mentioned above to get the full Goan vibe. Play, dance, sing and have fun in the sand and water and paint the most memorable picture in your mind and soul. Also do not forget to book the best beach resort in Goa in advance.