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Make Your Visit Memorable With The Best Homestay In Jim Corbett

  • Madvik Retreat
  • December 26, 2022

The thrill and enthusiasm of visiting Jim Corbett National Park are not only about the Bengal tigers; there are many attractions around the reserve that one can add to their itinerary. The Corbett reserve lies amidst the grassland, densely wooded hills abutting the Himalayas, giving it enchanting beauty and attracting tourists worldwide. The safaris and the Jim Corbett National Park adventures have created a place in the hearts of people. 

One of the oldest national parks in India, it has contributed a lot to protecting endangered species and boosting wildlife tourism in India. Jim Corbett National Park was built in 1936 on 8th August, when it became the crowning glory of all the National Parks of India. Visiting the Jim Corbett National Park will be a great idea if you want to make the most of your holidays. You get a lot of great options for staying, like hotels, or you may decide to put up in a quality homestay in Jim Corbett that has all the amenities and feel comfortable during your safari to the Park. 

There are a few facts about why the Park is famous and tourists flock to enjoy the safari –


The oldest national Park in Asia, the Corbett national park, is named after the famous British hunter turned conservationist Edward James Corbett. Tourists from all around the world come to this Park to enjoy the unbelievable picturesque beauty. It is the most popular reserve to spot the fierce Royal Bengal tiger. Moreover, it was also the first tiger reserve. Located in the Himalayan foothills near the hill station of National Park is spread over 520 sq km. The Park along Nainital, with the neighboring 301-sq km Sonanadi Wildlife Sanctuary, together make the critical tiger habitat of the Tiger Reserve.

The Park and The Zones

The National Park is rich in flora and fauna and offers an outstanding view of the Himalayas amidst the dense, moist deciduous forests. The Park is divided into five zones: Dhikala, Jhirna, Bijrani, Domunda, and Sonanadi. Travelers can seek accommodation inside the national reserve rest houses in any zone. There are numerous hotels, homestays in Jim Corbett, and resorts outside the periphery of the Park, which provide luxury accommodation and other amenities.

The Attraction & The Tiger Project

Corbett park is the perfect place for spotting an enormous range of animals and reptiles like the Indian Python. The Park is a paradise for bird watchers; wildlife lovers can even be involved in activities like fishing, angling, and hiking. The hills, grasslands, and streams make   Corbett an ideal tiger territory; Project Tiger was launched in 1973 with a 163-tiger population. It now boasts the highest tiger densities in the country. It has been home to many other species, including 600 elephants and over 600 species of colorful birds; even the rarest one can be seen. Jim Corbett offers the most beautiful views of Garhwal; it is a fascinating place to enjoy wildlife tourism. The rich flora and fauna, the climate, mesmerizing landscapes, and exotic wildlife all together make it a perfect destination for wildlife holidays in India.

The Safari and the Wild Species: 

Jeep jungle safari is the soul and attraction you can do in Jim Corbett tourism. The rich wildlife species will satisfy your quest when you can see the dense Sal forest, narrow valleys, fresh tint of green trees, rivers, grasslands, and waterfalls, which will rekindle your spirit. The Park is the home of some of the most endangered species, like Asian Elephants, alligators, Sambar deer, Asian black bears, and sloth. It houses about 600 species of birds, including migratory birds like the Great Pied hornbill, White-backed vulture, Hodgson Bushchat, orange-breasted green pigeon, sea eagle, golden Oreo, fish owl, etc. This National Park is the abode to some endangered reptiles like King Cobra and Mugger crocodiles. If you are lucky, maybe you can spot the Bengal Tiger too. 

The Best Time To Visit:

The Park remains open in winter seasons from October to February. The weather is very pleasant for sightseeing and spotting rich wildlife. This is the best time for bird watching and spotting migratory birds. During the daytime, you can spot animals lazing around in the sun. Another best time to spot animals is the summer season when you can spot them. The animals feel thirsty due to the summer heat and come near the water bodies to quench their thirst. 

The Amenities In The Homestay:

Madvik Retreat provides a luxury homestay in Jim Corbett with the finest amenities, and the rooms are jungle-themed and have an outdoor pool. Each room faces the mountains and the sun-lit valleys. Tourists can enjoy the sumptuous barbecue and bonfires in the evenings. For quick booking details, visit the website to know more!