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We request our guests read and understand the Terms and Conditions of Madvik Retreat before booking. Our Terms and Conditions include Bookings, Cancellation, Refund, Relocation, Reschedulement and other applicable policies while booking your stay at our property via our website, third-party websites or apps, or through phone calls, advertisements, third parties, referrals etc.

Standard Booking Policy

The booking facility for all the Madvik Retreat Properties is available on our website and third-party websites. Guests may also make their bookings through phone calls, third parties, referrals, etc. 

Reservation and Payment: 

To make a reservation, guests must provide their full name and contact information and make a full payment for the total stay amount. Guests will receive the booking confirmation via email and/or messages with their reservation details only after making the full payment.

If our guests require a GST bill, they will need to provide their company information at the time of booking, and we will provide the GST bill at the time of checkout. 

In case of a cancellation for booking, a refund is only applicable if the customer cancels prior to 21 days of the check-in date. 

No REFUND will be provided in any other circumstances. 

Reschedule Policy

Madvik Retreat allows rescheduling only up to 21 days before the Date of Check-In. Madvik Retreat may charge an extra amount for Scheduling Check-in dates, plus Taxes for any bookings that may require rescheduling.

If the tariff on the dates to which the booking is being rescheduled is higher than the tariffs of the original booking, the difference is payable to Madvik Retreat, along with applicable taxes and the Rescheduling charges.

Rescheduling charges will be applied every time the booking is rescheduled.

Relocation Policy

Madvik Retreat has properties in different locations. Guests are requested to apply for the relocation prior to 21 days before the Check-in date. However, relocation facilities will only be applicable in case of property availability and relocation charges. 

If the tariff on the other property to which the booking is being relocated is higher than the tariffs of the original booking, the difference is payable to Madvik Retreat, along with applicable taxes and the Relocation charges.

Relocation charges would be applied every time the booking is being relocated.

Early Check-in and Late Checkout Policy

The standard check-in time at all Madvik Retreat properties is 2 PM, and checkout time is 11 AM. 

We do accommodate a complimentary early check-in by 1 PM, only in cases where there is no booking at the villa for the previous night. If you require an early check-in, please confirm with us a day prior to the check-in, which will be subject to availability. In case you wish to avail of early check-in, the earliest possible time is 10:00 AM. Charges are applicable & subjective to availability. And the rate for such early check-in is 20% of the tariff for that night.

We may also provide a complimentary late checkout by 12:00 PM if there’s no booking at the villa on the day of your checkout. However, we can only let you know by 10 AM on the day of your checkout, as many times, we do accept instant and last-minute bookings.

In case you wish to avail of a further extended checkout (post 11:00 AM), charges are applicable. The rate would be 20% of the tariff for that night for a Checkout up to 2 PM and 50% up to 6 PM. Full-night charges apply thereafter.

However, for early check-in and late checkout, you must communicate the same with our property managers. 

Cancellation Policy

Guests may cancel their reservation at least 21 days prior to the check-in date without paying any cancellation charges. If the cancellation occurs after this timeline, Madvik retreat will charge a fee or penalty, which can vary depending on the specific policy. 

If any reservation is made on public holidays, weekends, or festival dates, the cancellation period will be 30 days prior to the check-in date.

If the guest cancels within 15 days of the Date of Check-In, they will be entitled to no refund.

No-show Policy

If a guest does not show up on the scheduled arrival date without cancelling the reservation, Madvik retreat is not liable to pay back the guest. 


All the Madvik Retreat villas are typically designed to accommodate a specific number of occupants. If more guests are staying in a room than what is allowed, they need prior approval from Madvik, and there may be additional charges for each extra guest staying at the property. 

Processing Refunds

In case Madvik Retreat owes any refund to guests, the processing of the processing of the refund will take 60 days from the date of cancellation. There may be an additional cancellation or processing fee levied to cover the payment gateway charges.

Basic House Rules

While staying in any of the Madvik retreat properties, guests are requested to follow the basic house rules. 

  • Loud music or any form of noise in the outside space of our villa is prohibited after 10 PM. 
  • Food orders of any sort are to be made at least 2 hours in advance. 
  • Smoking is allowed only in designated areas of the property.
  • The guests themselves or for those the booking is made, or any person they are with at the property, will be held responsible for any type of loss or damage to the hotel property. 
  • All guests are requested to observe, abide by and be bound by all applicable acts, laws, rules and regulations from the Government in force from time to time.
  • Guests are responsible for any damages or incidents that occur during their stay, and Madvik Retreat may charge the guest for any repairs or replacements required.
  • The guests themselves are responsible for their own belongings in the property. The Company or management will not be held responsible for any belonging that is lost, damaged or misplaced due to their negligence.