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The Story Behind the Jungle: A Historical Journey through Jim Corbett National Park

  • Madvik Retreat
  • February 22, 2023

Want to see a magnificent beast roaming freely? It’s a dream that you can only witness in the Corbett National Park, one of the thirteen protected places under WWF’s guidance and protection plan. The aim is to protect endangered species, namely the Bengal tiger, the Asian Elephant & various types of migratory birds.

The Rich History Behind The Formation:

The oldest national park in India, Corbett Reserve forest, was formed in 1936 as Hailey National Park. The area of the park was under the control of the Tehri Garhwal princely state. In the early 19th century, it came under the control of a British officer, Major Ramsay, who began preserving the park. The uniqueness and the rich flora & fauna made many Britishers, including E. R. Stevens & E. A. Smythies, suggest preserving the park as a wildlife reserve. In 1907, the park was proposed to be turned into a game reserve. However, in 1930, a demarcation process was passed, and the park came under the guidance of Jim Corbett. Mr Corbett, a British-Indian hunter and a conservationist, prohibited the killing of mammals & birds.

Whenever We hear the name Corbett Park, it naturally comes to mind the thought of tigers walking in the wild. Jim Corbett Park was built to commemorate Jim s name. His vision was that he would turn the reserve forest into one of the finest natural parks where people could watch animals roam freely in their natural habitat. You can see Asiatic black bears, sloth bears, Indian gray mongooses, langurs, jungle cats, elephants, wild boars, chitals (spotted deer), barking deer, and nilgai (Indian antelope). The park is also famous for being home to more than 500 species of birds. 

One could hardly imagine the beauty of seeing the Asian Elephant roaming in the wild!

The history of the Corbett National Park is illustrious as the history of the man responsible for conserving the animals. He aimed to protect the park and those great animals living in it, who are a part of the ecological balance. 

Asia’s first national park, the Hailey National Park, came into existence in 1936. It covered an area of 125.00 sq miles and was established by Sir Malcolm Hailey. He was then the Governor of the United Provinces. Hunting was strictly prohibited, and only timber cutting was allowed for domestic purposes. No poaching or capturing of birds, mammals or reptiles is allowed here in this Reserve forest. 

The reserve forest was renamed again as Ramganga National Park. In 1955–56 it finally got its name as Jim Corbett National Park to honor the well-known author & wildlife conservationist Jim Corbett. His role in creating the reserve persuaded the provincial government to establish this reserve forest. 

A British Army officer, Jim Corbett started his life as a hunter who slayed numerous tigers & leopards. He later dedicated his life to protecting the big cats. Due to his hunting inspiration, he slowly became fond of and developed a great admiration for the great cat. He later decided to kill only those who posed a threat to man. He left his hunting passion and began an active campaign for the safe keeping of wild animals. His fondness for the big cats of prey grew, and he decided to catalog & collect information on these animals. Thus, his fate turned, and he became a conservationist.

The Varied Fauna: 

Thick jungle, camouflage and the Ramganga river make this reserve an ideal spot for the Bengal tigers. Besides tigers, there are Indian elephants that can be seen in herds. The Indian python is a dangerous species known for killing a chital deer. One can imagine crocodiles & gharials, who are a part of the program saving them from extinction. 

Tourists can enjoy a thrilling expedition in Corbett National Park. The location of the park is ideal for the diverse wildlife. The park is located in the Himalayas’ foothills; this place’s natural habitat has a splendid landscape with lush greenery. Corbett park, with its diverse flora & fauna, calls out to all those wildlife enthusiasts.

Want A Break From The Hustle-Bustle Of City Life? 

To experience the wildness and the wildlife, you can spend some time in this reserve forest. You may spot a tiger hiding in the bush or gaming if you are lucky. Jim Corbett park offers a wide range of adventure activities that any adventurous person will look forward to. The park offers an open jeep safari tour to its visitors. It is one of the best ways to see the wildlife in the thick forest of Corbett Tiger Reserve. There are experienced individuals who will accompany you through the safaris. Corbett park has seven different zones for enjoying the safari rides.

Where To Stay During Your Visit to The Jim Corbett National Park? 

Madvik Retreat provides one of the best resorts in Jim Corbett for a comfortable stay. We offer all the luxury amenities in their resort. The resort in Jim Corbett has private pool facilities; you can enjoy exotic non-vegetarian foods. If you want to watch a starry night and enjoy a sumptuous barbecue, then Madvik Retreat is the best place to crash.