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Want to Embrace Traditions of Goa? Here Is Your Chance to Experience the Exciting Shigmo Festival 2023

  • Madvik Retreat
  • February 13, 2023

Goa, the land of sun, sand, and sea, is famous for its rich cultural heritage, including a number of traditional festivals that celebrate the spirit of the state. One such festival is Shigmo, which is one of the most important and widely celebrated festivals of Goa. This festival is celebrated annually in the month of March and marks the beginning of the Hindu New Year. In 2023, the Shigmo festival is scheduled to take place from 15th March to 25th March, and if you want to experience the true spirit of Goa, you must make sure to participate in this festival.

Shigma- The Cultural Background

The word “Shigmo” is derived from the Sanskrit word “shighra,” which means “quick,” signifying the quick arrival of spring and the New Year. The festival is celebrated with great fervor and zeal by the people of Goa, and is marked by several traditional rituals, processions, and cultural programs.

One of the most important aspects of Shigmo is the parade, which is organized in the streets of villages and towns of Goa. People come out in large numbers to participate in the parade, dressed in colorful traditional attire and playing musical instruments like dhol, tasha, and pungi. The parade is a vibrant and joyful affair, with people singing and dancing to the beats of the music.

Another important aspect of this festival is the “Zatra,” which is a religious procession that takes place in honor of Lord Pralhad, the Hindu god of devotion. The procession is accompanied by several traditional dances and musical performances, and is attended by large crowds of people.

In addition to the parade and the Zatra, Shigmo is also marked by several other cultural programs, such as traditional dances, plays, and musical performances. The most popular traditional dances performed during the festival are the “Dashavatar,” “Fulfodo,” and “Ghode Modni.” These dances are performed by trained artists and are a visual treat for the spectators.

The Prime Highlight of the Festival

One of the highlights of the Shigmo festival is the “Rang Panchami” celebration, which takes place on the fifth day of the festival. During this celebration, people throw colored powder and water at each other, symbolizing the victory of good over evil. The celebration is a colorful and joyous affair, and attracts a large number of visitors from across the state.

Visit Goa to Experience the Ultimate Charm of Shigmo Festival

If you want to experience the true spirit of Shigmo, you must visit the villages and towns of Goa during the festival. You will get a chance to witness the traditional customs and practices, and learn more about the cultural heritage of Goa. You can also participate in the parade, the Zatra, and the other cultural programs, and enjoy the music, dance, and food of the state.

So, if you are planning to visit Goa in March 2023, make sure to participate in the Shigmo festival and experience the exciting cultural heritage of the state. Also do not forget to make adequate preparations before you land in this beautiful city. The luxurious best beach resort in Goa can be the best place to consider for your next staycation!

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