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Escape the Hustle and Bustle with a Relaxing Trip to Jim Corbett National Park in a Luxury Villa

  • Madvik Retreat
  • February 28, 2023

Plan an Adventure trip from the fuss of city life!

Planning a vacation in the wilderness in Jim Corbett National Park has a mythical status. The oldest national Park is the home to wild animals, birds and reptiles, completely enriched with abundant flora and fauna. The Park is a popular destination for bird enthusiasts and is known for fishing and angling tours. Corbett National Park is a paradise for wildlife lovers, one who wants to experience the starry night amid the dense forest.

Be it a Chital with wide eyes, a Leopard with dazzling marks, or a wild boar, or a barking deer. You can spot those if you are lucky. The sal & sissoo trees are a part of this deciduous forest reserve. Kids love to have an adventure. A trip to the Jim Corbett will be a fun-filled activity as well as an adventure tour where they can learn all about camping and other outdoor activities. The adventure trip will be amazing while the whole family can plan some days out of their daily routine of school days and office. 

Some interesting activities that you should plan with your family in Corbett Park:

Hiking & Camping: 

Camping is one of the most exciting activities in Jim Corbett National Park that travelers can engage in. The Park is spread over a vast area, and hiking to popular spots can be exciting. Kids love to hike. The Park offers camp facilities including fishing trips, bonfires & guides. Camping will allow your family to witness the beauty of the mountains and the starry night sky right in the middle of the wild surroundings.

For trekkers, who want to discover the forests and wildlife on foot, trekking facilities are awaiting you at Corbett National Park. Trekking is forbidden in the core areas, but you can go trekking in the reserve forest area around the tiger reserve forest. Sitabani is the ideal place for trekking. You might encounter jackals, deer and monkeys. It gets cold at night. Carry your comfortable walking shoes.

Who wants to take advantage of a ride on elephants?

Elephant Safari: 

Elephant Safari is an adventurous task in the Corbett National Park. Elephant safari is available in Dhikala and Bijrani zones only. This is a unique way to explore the wildlife and enthrall yourself with breathtaking views of dense jungles. You can hear the sounds of the rushing waters and the calls of the birds, which makes the overall surrounding rousing. You will ride on the back of an elephant with a trained mahout. Elephant Safari is the best way to explore the jungles from where you can spot tigers, crocodiles, bison and many exotic species of birds. The elephants stay on a definite path, and the Park ensures full protection of travelers. 

Capture some moments for your memories!

Explore the Photography opportunities: 

The mega Corbett Park is home to numerous animals, reptiles and birds. The mountains surrounding the forest add to its beauty. The diverse landscapes and rich flora make the possibility of wildlife photography endless. The captivating moment of dusk when the sun starts pushing down the horizon is enthralling. However, according to the officials in the Park, the best time for photography is during the dry season when the scarcity of water bodies compels the animals to come around the watering holes in the open. 

Learning Facilities: 

The National Park forest provides ample learning opportunities for younger children. The natural environment motivates them to get courage, and they try to learn about the natural habitat. Jim Corbett National park teaches kids to encounter various endangered species, which they can relate to their studies. They can learn about the conservation of nature & animals. Corbett park is the home of the Bengal Tigers, who once were on the verge of extinction. There are survival techniques and camping lessons for kids who are instilled with the values of being a wildlife lover. 

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