We love to watch the Tigers on Discovery Channels on our TV with a cup of tea. But did you ever think of confronting these magnificent beasts in deep jungles? The thought may send a chill down the spine. It will give the maximum excitement to sight a tiger roaming near you. You will just be bewildered by the saal trees or watch the fish-eating gharials or the beautiful migratory birds in Dhikala in the Kumaon Hills in the Jim Corbett national park in India. 

A Unique Experience Of The Wilderness Of A Forest! 

Corbett National Park is also known as the Land of Roar because of the most famous royal tigers, which are the major attraction. Besides tigers, large families of elephants live with their herds. Jim Corbett National Park is one of the most preferred destinations as the place is rich in flora and fauna. The spread contains river belts, hills, marshy depressions, large lakes, and grasslands. Jim Corbett National Park is a rare national tiger reserve where night stay is allowed. One can enjoy a quiet evening and roam around in the lap of a nature park on an Elephant back or an open jeep. You can spot leopards, wild elephants, and crocodiles if you are lucky. 

Jim Corbett National Park offers an enthralling safari amidst the wild jungles with various options like Jeep Safari, Elephant Safari and Canter Safari for wildlife lovers. Tourists may have safaris through the jungle of Corbett and even catch a glimpse of the Royal Bengal Tiger. In the winter, the temperature goes as low as 4-5 degrees, while in summer, the temperature rises over 30 degrees. The mornings are foggy.

5 Things To Enjoy in Jim Corbett National Park

1)Jeep Safari is a feasible option to discover the wilderness and the various species of flora and fauna. The vehicle has permission to enter through all buffer zones of the park. It is the most popular way to take you easily to some unexplored corners of the jungle, where we could spot tigers or elephants. 

2) If you are willing to explore Dhikala, the most inhabited region by the  Bengal Tigers, a canter safari is the only option. Forest officials conduct Canter. Canter promises safety to wildlife enthusiasts and is an open-roof vehicle to enjoy wildlife safaris. 

3)Jhirna safari zone in Corbett National Park is open to the public. It is popular for those who want to see sloth bears. The dry deciduous forest has been the home of deer, nilgai, chital and elephants, which can be spotted. It is a popular zone amongst bird watchers; some migratory and rare birds mostly visit it. An entry permit needs to be obtained to enter the Jhirna zone. A safari jeep and a guide are mandatory to enter the forest zone. 

4) Rock Climbing is a challenging sport and a great option for adventurous souls since it involves using all muscle power. The mountainous terrain of the Jim Corbett s is an excellent destination for rock climbing. Rock climbing involves proper climbing and safety equipment and the guidance of a trained instructor. It is an excellent opportunity to catch stunning views of the beautiful green forests and mountains from atop a rock. One can opt for an artificial climbing wall if you do not want a real one. Options like climbing using a rope and harness or trying to grip the crevices are also there for adventure-loving people. 

5)Elephant Safari at Jim Corbett is another activity, apart from the jeep and canter safari. It is strictly done under the supervision of an elephant handler, and you can go up to the park’s periphery and see tigers, elephants and birds. The handlers provide information about the forest and the elephants. You can feed the elephants too. Maybe you are lucky enough to catch the playful mood of a baby elephant! 

Where To Stay?

The best resort in Jim Corbett, Villa Wildmont, offers the finest amenities, like an on-site restaurant, jacuzzi facing the mountains and a spacious lawn where you can enjoy a bonfire under the starry lights. Each of the three room faces the meandering cliffs and the sun-lit valleys. Tourists can enjoy the sumptuous barbecue. The luxurious private villa is adjacent to picturesque Sitabani range, the accessible road is one of the heart-throbbing drives through the deciduous jungle of the JIm Corbett park.
Madvik Retreat provides Jim Corbett national park Resorts with comfortable accommodations for you and your family. All the rooms are jungle-themed to set the ambience. Our resort in Jim Corbett with a private pool can be relaxing. The resort is packed with all amenities and have an open view of the mesmerizing landscape of the mountains, river and the jungle. It is located in Bhalon village, close to the Sitabani range.