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If you plan to visit Goa, you can enjoy a series of celebrations. The fun & entertainment always seems to continue here in this state of India. Goa Carnival usually takes place in February or the first week of March. Known for its colorful, musical celebrations, this three- to four-day event attracts tourists from around the world.

The annual Carnival is organized in the first quarter of the year, and it is one of the most exciting days in Goa as one can find vast floats, colorful costumes and energetic performances. Besides being the ultimate beach destination, the rich cultural facets are brought alive through the Carnival. The Carnival represents the most important cultural symbol of Goa. Panjim in Goa remains the famous city to witness the Carnival, but this cultural extravaganza travels to four other prominent cities: Vasco, Margao, Mapusa and Ponda. 

A Masquerade which will leave you spellbound!

The Carnival was introduced by the Portuguese, who ruled Goa until 1961. Goa embraced the Portuguese tradition and continues to celebrate the Carnival with great enthusiasm. The whirlwind of music and grandeur sweeps the city for the three days preceding Lent. Lent is 40 days of prayer and fasting for Catholics. There is a lot of music, food, exhibitions, and masquerade balls. Masked Revelers take to the streets and give themselves to many fun-filled activities. The tableaus are surrounded by musicians, dancers, acrobats, and clowns. The crowd bursts into jubilation and merriment. The Carnival showcases the mix of local Goan multi-ethnic, cultural & religious traditions, which you will surely love and respect. 

What Are the Most Enticing Events to See in the Carnival?

  1. Colorful Parade

The parade starts with the made-up character of King Momo. The float parades are organized in association with the Tourism Department. King Momo, a specially decorated float, declares the decree of eating,  drinking and merriment. Loaded with balloons, floats, carts, and horse carriages, the parade is a hit amongst the locals & tourists. 

  1. Art & Culture Shows

Apart from enjoying and merry-making, travelers can enjoy the local art and cultural shows. Artists showcase their handcrafted drawings, paintings and items. One can relish the live music performances and power-packed moves of the dancers, jesters, and fire breathers.

  1. Food & Drink

Relish your senses with various food items; the restaurants and hotels try their best to make the food peppier and exotic. The Carnival is a feasting-drinking-merrymaking festival. Grand balls are even held in the evenings. The Carnival concludes with the famous red & black dance held by the Clube National in Panjim on the last day.

  1. Red and Black Dance

The final day sees this unique Red and Black dance being held to delight the tourists. A color-coordinated dance where women dress in red-coloured tops and black skirts, and the men in red shirts and black pants synchronize their dance moves. The dance is truly an exciting experience that you should never miss. You will be astonished to watch the artist’s performance with great precision. 

Places To Visit During the Stay Besides the Carnival

  1. Aguada Fort: 

Aguada Fort is a magnificent structure perched atop a hillock overlooking the Mandovi river. The gorgeous red-brown laterite ramparts can be seen from this Fort. A truly incredible place to visit. The Fort also has a splendid four-storeyed lighthouse, which dominates the landscape of the Fort. A curving staircase will lead you to the top, where you can have a stunning view of the setting sun.  

  1. Chapora Fort: 

Chapora Fort is a beautiful fort with a rich military past. Tourists can enjoy sweeping views of magnificent Goa. You can walk on the ramparts and get a spectacular view of the mighty Arabian Sea, Chapora River, Morjim beach, and Vagator beach. 

  1. Bom Jesus Basilica: 

Bom Jesus Basilica church is the epitome of the Baroque architectural style. Basalt embellishments look impressive, and the fine detailing will take you back to the olden times of history. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and within the daintily carved architecture of the Basilica of Bom Jesus, there are two galleries. The galleries have oil paintings dedicated to various verses in the Bible. 

Where To Spend The Night?

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