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Homestays have become an increasingly popular choice for travelers who want to experience local culture and hospitality while on vacation. With homestays, you can enjoy a more personal touch and a chance to live in a home away from home. However, not all homestays in Nainital are created equal, and the amenities offered can vary widely. To make the most of your homestay experience, it is important to choose a property that offers the amenities you desire. Here are the top amenities to look for when booking a homestay.

  • Comfortable Beds and Bedding

One of the most important aspects of any homestay is the quality of the bed and bedding. After a long day of exploring, a comfortable bed can make all the difference. Look for a homestay that offers high-quality mattresses and pillows, clean and fresh bedding, and linens that are soft and comfortable to sleep in. If you have any specific preferences, such as a firm or soft mattress, be sure to communicate this to the host before booking.

  • High-Speed Internet

In today’s world, having access to high-speed internet is essential for both work and leisure. Before booking a homestay, make sure that the property has a reliable and fast internet connection. This will ensure that you can stay connected with friends and family, work remotely if necessary, and enjoy streaming your favorite shows and movies. The last thing you want is to be stuck with slow or unreliable internet during your stay.

  • Private Bathroom

Having a private bathroom is a must for most travelers, especially those who value privacy and cleanliness. Make sure that the homestay you are booking has a private bathroom that is clean and well-maintained. If you are traveling with a group, make sure that there are enough bathrooms to accommodate everyone. Having to share a bathroom with other guests can be inconvenient, especially if you are on a tight schedule.

  • Air Conditioning and Heating

Depending on the location and time of year, having air conditioning or heating can make a big difference in your comfort level. Make sure that the homestay you are booking has air conditioning and heating systems that are in good working order. This will ensure that you can stay comfortable no matter what the weather is like outside. Keep in mind that some homestays may not have central air conditioning or heating, so be sure to check before booking.

  • Kitchen and Dining Area

One of the benefits of staying in a homestay is the ability to cook your own meals and enjoy them in a homey atmosphere. Look for a homestay that has a kitchen and dining area that is clean and well-equipped. This will allow you to prepare your own meals, store food and drinks, and enjoy a meal with your fellow travelers. You can save money by cooking your own meals, and you can also enjoy the experience of cooking local cuisine.

  • Laundry Facilities

If you are traveling for an extended period of time, having access to laundry facilities can be a real game-changer. Look for a homestay that has laundry facilities that are clean and well-maintained. This will allow you to do your laundry without having to leave the property or pay for expensive laundry services. This is especially important if you are traveling with children or if you are on a long trip.

  • Swimming Pool or Hot Tub

If you are looking for a luxurious experience, consider booking a homestay with a swimming pool or hot tub. This will allow you to relax and unwind after a long day of sightseeing or work. Make sure that the pool or hot tub is clean and well-maintained, and that it is available for your use during your stay. This amenity can be especially appealing during the summer months or if you are visiting a warmer climate.

  • On-Site Parking

If you are planning to rent a car during your stay, having on-site parking can be a major convenience. Make sure that the homestay you are booking has a designated parking area that is safe and secure. This will ensure that you can park your car without having to worry about theft or damage. Keep in mind that some homestays may charge an additional fee for parking, so be sure to check before booking.

  • Safety and Security

Feeling safe and secure is important for any traveler, especially when staying in an unfamiliar area. Look for a homestay that has security measures in place, such as locks on doors and windows, a security system, and well-lit common areas. If you are traveling alone, it is especially important to choose a homestay that you feel comfortable and safe in.

  • Local Knowledge and Recommendations

One of the benefits of staying in a homestay is the opportunity to connect with local hosts who can provide insider knowledge and recommendations for the area. Look for a host who is friendly and approachable, and who is willing to provide recommendations for local attractions, restaurants, and activities. This can make your stay more enjoyable and memorable, as you will have a chance to experience the area like a local.


Staying in a homestay can be a unique and enriching experience, offering a chance to connect with local hosts and experience the culture and lifestyle of the area. With the right amenities, you can experience luxurious living at a homestay and create memories that will last a lifetime. So, if you are looking for a villa or the homestay in Nainital, you must check out the facilities offered by Madvik Retreat. We will help you plan your itinerary of a 5-day trip with 2N in Corbett and another 3N in Nainital or vice-versa. The driving distance between Nainital and Jim Corbett is about 2 – 3 hours, so based on your requirements, we may also help you with the logistics. Contact us to book your dates with us.