The quest for a peaceful escape is a treasure for everyone. This is the very essence of what Madvik Retreat envisions for travelers – a haven of luxury. As the hustle and bustle of life becomes the new norm, a sanctuary of opulence offers respite. A luxury getaway is a pathway to embracing tranquility. At Madvik Retreat, we transcend the role of a mere hospitality service provider; we are architects of indelible experiences.

The Retreat Experience

Madvik Retreat stands as a distinguished presence in the realm of hospitality. We specialize in offering luxury homestays in magnificent villas nestled in some of India’s most serene settings. Each of our retreats is meticulously curated to offer travelers a taste of opulence intertwined with the allure of nature.

Our collection of luxury villas and resorts caters to the diverse preferences of travelers. If you yearn for a peaceful escape amidst the lush greens of Jim Corbett National Park, Madvik Retreat has you covered. Or, if a serene retreat amidst the pristine beaches of Goa beckons, you can book a stay at our villa. And for those seeking a tranquil sojourn amidst the scenic landscapes of Lonavala, we have the perfect haven.


The Essence of Luxury

For us, luxury transcends comfort; it’s about crafting an experience that resonates with your deepest desires. Our villas are meticulously designed to offer a harmonious blend of opulence and the raw beauty of nature. With features like private pools, jacuzzis, and intimate fireplaces, we strive to deliver an exceptional experience. Picture yourself taking a refreshing dip in the pool while enveloped by the verdant forests of Jim Corbett. Or savoring a romantic evening by the fireplace in your private villa in Lonavala.

At Madvik Retreat, we firmly believe that luxury should not remain the privilege of a select few. It should be an experience accessible to all travelers. Our vision revolves around making luxury affordable without compromising on its fundamental essence. Our villa rates are structured to make it possible for every traveler to revel in a haven of opulence.


Sustainability in Tourism

Our commitment to providing a sanctuary of luxury extends to our vision of sustainability in tourism. We deeply understand the significance of preserving the pristine beauty of our retreat locations. At Madvik Retreat, we steadfastly adhere to the principles of sustainable tourism. We ensure that our footprint in these idyllic places is as gentle as possible.

We take immense pride in our endeavors to reduce, reuse, and recycle. We actively work toward conserving energy and water resources, minimizing waste, and bolstering local communities. Our vision for sustainable tourism transcends the mere enjoyment of nature’s beauty; it encompasses ensuring that this beauty thrives for generations to come.


Extended Sports Tourism

For sports aficionados, Madvik Retreat offers a distinctive opportunity to extend your travel experience. In the age of burgeoning sports tourism, enthusiasts can amalgamate their love for the game with a luxurious retreat. After witnessing an exhilarating cricket match or a thrilling sporting event, you can now elongate your stay and unwind at one of our luxury villas.

Visualize being part of the excitement of the ICC Cricket World Cup and subsequently reclining in a private villa with a pool. This extended sports tourism allows you to transform your journey into more than just a visit to a sports event. It evolves into a holistic and immersive experience for sports enthusiasts.



At Madvik Retreat, our vision is straightforward – we aim to construct a haven of luxury for travelers. We firmly believe in delivering experiences that transcend mere accommodation and culminate in lasting memories. Our luxury villas and resorts are meticulously designed to offer the perfect escape from the cacophony of daily life.

However, our vision extends beyond luxury. It embraces the concept of sustainability in tourism, ensuring that the enchanting destinations where we operate remain untarnished. It revolves around making luxury affordable without diluting its fundamental essence. And it revolves around elongating your travel experience, permitting you to immerse yourself in the realm of sports tourism.

If you seek an unforgettable experience of luxury, sustainability, and an extended sports tourism journey, your quest ends here. Madvik Retreat is your gateway to turning your travel dreams into reality. Reserve your stay at one of our villas with pools at a rate that won’t break the bank and create memories that will withstand the test of time. We extend a warm invitation to join us in making your travel experience genuinely exceptional.